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The Settlers: How did the Israeli occupation happen?

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Israel has been mired in a military occupation of the Palestinian Territories for more than 50 years. The Settlers (available on DVD from Film Movement), an absorbing documentary written and directed by Shimon Dotan, quickly moves through the history of the modern State of Israel, and focuses on the problematic growth of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, after the 1967 Six-Day War. Dotan talks to Israelis, Palestinians, ultra-religious Jews and those who ended up in this contested territory by happenstance. Both those familiar with Middle East history and newcomers to the topic will find The Settlers informative and fascinating. Dotan has created a vital film that should be seen by anyone concerned about Israel’s future. — Mordecai Specktor

(American Jewish World, 11.17.17)

Here’s the trailer:

The Settlers (Official US Trailer) from BOND/360 on Vimeo.

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