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Inclusion and Accessibility

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Camp Ramah in Wisconsin Tikvah Programs

  • Winter Address: 65 E. Wacker Pl., Suite 1200, Chicago, IL 60601
  • Summer Address: 6150 E. Buckatabon Rd., Conover, WI 54519

312-606-9316, ext. 221
Fax: 312-606-7136
Chief Executive Officer: Rabbi David Soloff
Camp Director: Jacob Cytryn

Tikvah is a division of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin developed in 1973 to provide inclusion opportunities for children with learning, social and communication difficulties, including those who are higher functioning on the autism spectrum. Tikvah provides all the opportunities of the Ramah experience with additional staffing and support.


Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis (JFCS) — Caring Connections
13100 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 400
Minnetonka, MN 55305
Contact: Stacey Spencer

The Minneapolis Jewish Community Inclusion Program for People with Disabilities coordinates community-wide efforts to raise awareness, provide consultation and help Jewish organizations facilitate meaningful participation and involvement for all people. JFCS also coordinates the Caring Connections program, which provides opportunities for Jewish adults with developmental disabilities to connect with their faith community, take part in Jewish life, and learn about holidays and traditions.


JFCS — Vocational Rehabilitation
Contact: Cindy Uran

Vocational Rehabilitation provides critical assistance to people with disabilities by helping them to obtain, retain and advance in employment. Participants work individually with counselors to set and meet employment goals.


Jewish Housing and Programming (J-HAP)

J-HAP is committed to serve the life-long needs of adults with developmental disabilities within a Jewish environment where all feel welcomed, valued, and secure.  J-HAP facilitates social, educational, spiritual, and personal growth opportunities and enhance available resources for transportation and involvement. Community engagement within the Jewish and general communities and at Cornerstone Creek are the foundations of support-enriched programming. J-HAP will partner with other organizations to achieve these goals and reduce duplicative efforts.

Opening in January, 2017, Cornerstone Creek, J-HAP’s first project offers affordable support-enriched independent housing for this population at 9280 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, MN.  This newly constructed building with 45 apartments will offer private living accommodations as well as open spaces to foster socialization. For information please contact J-HAP at or or 952.417.2155


Sabes JCC — Inclusion Programming
Barry Family Campus
4330 Cedar Lake Rd. S.
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Fax: 952-381-3415
Inclusion Director: Anita Lewis

From early childhood education to senior adult programming, we provide training, advocacy, support and fun to ensure meaningful experiences for everyone. For parents, caregivers and loved ones of people with special needs, we offer support, information and education. For youth and adults with disabilities, we create social, educational, recreational and volunteer opportunities. At the Sabes JCC, we work to build a community where everyone acknowledges and respects peoples’ differences, and celebrates their unique gifts.


St. Paul JCC — Inclusion and Accessibility Services
1375 St. Paul Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55116
Inclusion and Accessibility Coordinator: Leah Wing

The St. Paul JCC’s inclusion program facilitates participation of children, teens and adults with disabilities in classes and programs, while providing full accessibility, awareness and advocacy in an inclusive and welcoming environment.


4820 Minnetonka Blvd., Suite 410
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Fax: 952-303-5307
Program Director: Chana Shagalow
Director of Development: Chaya Miller
Comptroller: Chad Silverman

Sha’arim is the centralized agency for Jewish children and young adults with special needs who wish to receive a Jewish education. Sha’arim partners with Bet Shalom, Bais Yaakov High School, Lubavitch Cheder Day School, Talmud Torah of Minneapolis, Talmud Torah of St. Paul, Temple Israel, Torah Academy and Yachad. Sha’arim provides students and their families the opportunity to be included and mainstreamed into the regular classroom setting by providing one-on-one instruction, and modifications and adaptations within the classroom setting. We provide teacher training in the area of special needs and community-wide workshops. We have been providing service since 1999 and today are partnering with more than 175 children and young adults throughout these programs to help include them along with “typical” Jewish peers.


Sha’arim — Darkaynu (Our Way) Program

Sha’arim’s Darkaynu (Our Way) Program, launched in collaboration with the Inclusion Department of the Sabes JCC, provides the community with a self-contained alternative Jewish education program for Jewish children and young adults with special needs who are unable to attend mainstream Jewish educational programming.


Sha’arim — Friends ’N Fun Program

Sha’arim’s Friends ’N Fun Program collaborates with all of the Twin Cities Jewish teen youth groups to provide participants with guided social activities on a monthly basis at various locations throughout the Twin Cities. Teen and young adult volunteers provide guidance and support in fun social settings to help develop and foster lasting friendships among the participants.

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