Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Letters to the Editor: July 22, 2011

Resolution was flawed On July 7, the U.S. House of Representatives considered H. Res. 268, a resolution regarding Israel and Palestine. Instead of supporting or opposing this resolution, I decided to vote “present,” because I agreed with some provisions, but found others problematic. I strongly agree with many of the resolution’s principles. For example, I […]

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Letter to the Editor: July 8, 2011

Brava, Maestra! On June 1, the St. Paul JCC Symphony played a great, surprising concert under the baton of their wonderful conductor, Marina Liadova. It was a gift to the audience. The program was carefully and masterly constructed in a way that the audience could enjoy a mix of classical and contemporary pieces, as well […]

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Letters to the Editor: June 10, 2011

Friedman’s master class I was at the Minneapolis Talmud Torah event honoring Thomas Friedman, and came away with a different impression of what happened (“About People,” 5-27-11 AJW). There were two people pressing Friedman about Israel; but there were many more who were mesmerized by the extraordinary insight and perspective he brought to understanding the […]

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Letters to the Editor: May 13, 2011

Brilliant author, rabbi I read with interest Neal Gendler’s review of Sacred Trash: The Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza. Another equally fascinating book about the discovery of the Geniza is The Sacred Treasure: The Cairo Genizah (Jewish Lights Publishing) by Rabbi Mark Glickman. Glickman is a congregational rabbi in the Seattle area. […]

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Letters to the Editor: April 29, 2011

Israel’s security needs I deeply appreciate Alisa Warshavsky’s column, “Support Israel in a time of crisis” (4-1-11 AJW). It’s great to read something truthful about what life in Israel is really like. As anyone who has been to Israel knows, life on the ground there is complex, mostly peaceful and noticeably busy, with groups active […]

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Letters to the Editor: April 15, 2011

Bush league kosher We are happy to learn of the interest shown by Target Field in making kosher hot dogs available at Twins ballgames. We are less excited to learn that a local Conservative rabbi has chosen to undertake the project in a way that alienates a sizable percentage of the kosher-consuming population, without members […]

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Madoff trustee responds to AJW story

Your story “Kicking back against clawback” (1.7.11 AJW) reiterates misperceptions that add confusion and unnecessary heartache in the aftermath of the Madoff fraud. As Trustee for the liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (BLMIS), I am guided in all actions by existing law and precedent. It is a sad but frequently overlooked fact […]

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Quality work

I am pleased to make another two-year renewal of my subscription, but more importantly, I wanted to commend you for what you have done in adopting the AJW to the needs and concerns of a changing Jewish community. While I was growing up in Minneapolis in the ’50s, the AJW was the bible for our […]