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A Pesach message from Hadassah Gross

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Apple on Your Seder Plate from Amichai Lau-Lavie on Vimeo.

Put an Apple on your Seder Plate.

This Passover, add a new symbol to your table and ask new questions about global economy, consumer responsibility, human rights, what we can do to be more of the solution, less of the problem. Passover is the allegory for human freedom, then and now.

Why an apple? It’s a mythic fruit and a modern icon reminding us of the ethical responsibility that comes with privileged consumerism. Apple is not only the world’s largest corporation, providing our goods – at a price to its workers – it is also the one that took allegations seriously and launched a serious investigation to improve its China workforce. Put an apple on your Seder plate to raise awareness and keep on the good fight.

Learn more and download the four new questions at

Freedom for all. Happy Passover.

Put an apple on your seder plate. Talk about freedom.

Happy Passover!


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